Roofing Solutions for Cairns’ Unique Climate

To be successful with roofing in Cairns requires attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the best, most versatile and high end products on the market. Not every roofing material can stand up to the extreme weather conditions that living in a tropical climate can inflict on a building surface. Matching the right roofing material to a particular project can mean the difference between a safe, water-tight building and a leaky, expensive, and potentially disastrous mess. It is undeniable that knowing how to go about roof restoration in Cairns means matching the right material with the right situation.


For example, did you know that overlays and radiant barriers are becoming more and more common in tropical climates? These clever products are a way to coat your roof in a coating that helps to keep it cooler, improving the energy efficiency of your home. For overlays, you can spray them over more traditional roofing materials like asphalt, providing an extra layer of protection against both heat and water. Radiant barriers, on the other hands, are usually laid underneath a roof, and involve laying a reflective surface between the home and the roof to turn heat away. These newer technologies are a great choice when working with roof repairs and restoration in Cairns.


Interestingly, natural materials are also a solid choice when trying to discern the best type of roof to install in a warmer or more extreme climate. Slate tiles have been used for centuries in the harsher, wet conditions of Europe because it can resist gaining too much heat and repels water very effectively while also being attractive. Likewise, terra cotta and other clay materials have been used in many parts of the world for similar reasons. However, it cannot be denied that these materials are heavy, and generally need a concrete or stucco home in order to support the extreme weight of the tiles on the roof.


A more alternative solution to this problem is also a beautiful one – that of a green roof. Green roofs are ideal for tropical climates because so many plants flourish easily here. The abundant water means that green roofs require very little day to day maintenance, and they improve the overall health of the environment by releasing oxygen into the air. They are incredibly energy efficient, and use the resources in the environment in order to decrease our impact and make the world just a little bit more beautiful. This is by far my favorite type of roof to install, and my team loves this kind of roof restoration project in Cairns. After all, Cairns is a city that draws people from far and wide specifically because of its climate. A green roof maximizes on the potential for beauty in an otherwise challenging location. By investing in a green roof, you are not only improving the beauty of your home and your community, but you are also helping the natural Cairns landscape that makes our city famous continue to thrive. Roofing in Cairns is a challenge, but it can also be an amazing treat.

The helpful video below may also be of help if you wish to learn more about the best way to repair leaks in warm and tropical climates such as Cairns.

Downsides to Living (and Working) in Paradise

As I mentioned before, Cairns, Australia is a growing community with a lot of unique challenges. There are many reasons that I love this area of Australia. Main among them is the ecosystem, which is unique in Australia. There’s a reason the tourism in this city has been growing exponentially over the last two years. As a property developer, I have spent a lot of time looking into the various effects of the environment on the homes and other buildings in the area. Cairns is unique because it is a tropical environment, constantly under a barrage of rain, humidity, heat, and other extreme weather phenomena. This makes the prospect of property improvement such as residential painting and other construction understandably tricky. So much of home improvement is dependent on the weather. Without knowing when the weather will be clear enough to get real work done, it can be extremely unsafe for roofers to get on top of a building. Not to mention that the potential for water damage within a structure is always higher when the roof is compromised, meaning that picking the right time to complete a project like roofing and then getting it finished as quickly as possible is essential to keeping the buildings in this area free from the ever present threat of water damage that comes hand in hand with living in a rainforest ecosystem.

Roof repairs in Cairns are always a tricky proposition, but the many years that I have lived in this community and learned the weather patterns of the area help my company to make sure to optimize our time. During the rainy season, we do as many indoor projects as possible on our properties, whether they are for our clients or for one of the many properties that we own and manage ourselves. We focus our efforts on plumbing, drywall, electrical issues and more, making sure that as many issues as possible are fixed and ready to go so that during the few precious moments a year that we have reliable fair weather, we can act fast. For any properties that we have that need roof repair, we have multiple teams ready to jump into action and work as fast as possible, keeping the risk down to a minimum for both the properties and the people involved. This is the only way that I feel we can do roofing jobs in Cairns with any integrity, keeping the community and our team safe from all harm.


Similarly, doing roof restoration projects in Cairns also requires the attention to timing and finesse that putting on a new roof would require. Any time the roofline of a building is compromised, its overall structure is vulnerable to extreme weather, decay, and even collapse. By taking the weather seriously, our company tries to mitigate the negative aspects of living in such a unique climate, helping the residents of Cairns to enjoy this amazing ecosystem without necessarily having to worry constantly about the potentially very damaging side effects that come with it.

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How I got started in Cairns Property Management

Being a property manager can be a tumultuous road. I have been in the business of managing various rental properties in Australia for over a decade, and there are certain tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years that make it just a little bit easier when trying to keep your head above water. First, it’s important to know how I managed to get where I am today. I started my career working for a general contractor in Sydney, Australia, usually spending my time with their roofing team in order to rip off old roofs as well as repair and replace them with newer products. While some people might think roof restoration is tedious work, I loved it right from the beginning, and it began to help me see home repair in a larger picture.


You see, I couldn’t help but feel that general contractors had all the skills to make more money, but simply weren’t applying them in the most logical ways. Instead of spending a small amount of time working on specific projects like roof repairs and then moving on to another project and then another, why not find a way to reap the benefits of all of your hard work on structural elements of a building like the roof? After investing all of that work and time into different buildings, the last thing I wanted to do was move on to the next project without any say in the matter.


Soon enough, roof restoration wasn’t enough for me. I decided to start my own property management company, so that I could buy and fix up properties on my own terms. I began this business in Cairns, a delightful tropical city whose environment was sure to provide plenty of need for home repair and maintenance. We began primarily offering roof repairs in Cairns, but have grown and expanded since we’ve been here to provide plenty of home improvement services as well as buying and restoring homes and businesses to capitalize on the growing tourist trade here in Cairns. Still, I will admit that my first love will always be roofing. There’s nothing quite like standing on the top of a building and knowing that you are making it safe and dry, fighting the elements with a combination of science and hard work. With every building I buy, the first thing we do is put on a new roof, specifically chosen for that building to provide the best, most long lasting protection possible. This helps me to stay connected to my beginnings, and gives me the peace of mind to know that all of my homes and stores are secure in the long term. Roof repairs in Cairns are particularly challenging, and it is always good to know that I am doing everything that I can to protect and keep the value of my properties high. I like to think that it’s one of the things that distinguish my company from other contractor and property management companies in the Cairns area.


Roofs 101

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